FLAG represents the needs and wishes of the foreign language profession in Georgia. If you are interested in participating, or if you have a foreign language issue you think FLAG needs to know about, please contact the Director of Advocacy and/or the president (follow links to contact info).

Short Advocacy Video (90sec)

Advocacy Videos (Link courtesy of FFLA)

Stay up-to-date and advocate. It is only through active support that FLAG's advocacy efforts on your behalf for foreign languages can continue and succeed.


To help you in your advocacy efforts at the local level, FLAG has produced the following materials (many thanks to David Jahner and Corinne Barnes for these!). Items marked PDF are in that format and require the appropriate reader (you may download it here for free); it will allow you to open and print the files as needed. For materials with multiple pages we suggest to print them off and then copy them double sided (to produce foldable brochures).

Advocacy Brochure Available:
"World Language Capabilities=Business and Job Opportunities"
View, download, print (two-sided), distribute... (Please note: large PDF document)

Specifically for FLES/ESFL:

Useful Advocacy Web Sites for Teachers

These web sites might be helpful in your efforts to protect and promote foreign languages in Georgia. Therefore, the focus is on select items relevant to the state. There are numerous other related web sites.

Do your part to help defend and promote foreign languages. Your FLAG needs you now more than ever!

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