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FLAG invites foreign language professionals in the state of Georgia to join its ListServ. This mailing list is intended in the first place--but not necessarily exclusively--to serve as non-commercial communication tool. Membership in FLAG is not required (but strongly encouraged) for participation. (Note that you can get get announcements via RSS XML newsfeed; follow this link to find out how.)

This is a closed list, which means that subscriptions are not automatic. They need to be approved and set-up by the FLAG board, list owner and administrator. This is simply so that unauthorized parties cannot subscribe and/or post to the list (so it is a security and spam avoidance precaution).

This is also a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator. FLAG does not sell email addresses from list members. (For further information see FLAG's Privacy Policy).

  1. Joining the List

    To request subscription, complete this short form and submit it. (Alternatively, send to the webmaster the respective information in a plain email message.)

    Name (First/Last):
    Email Address:
    (This must be an individual address, and not a generic, collective address possibly shared by many, such as "info@xyz.edu" or "email@abc.org" etc. Also, institutional addresses are much preferred; else use a personal one.)

    Short explanation as to why you wish to join (e.g. "ABC teacher at XY High School in Z")

    I agree to abide by the Netiquette list rules and expextations (must be checked and cannot be unchecked)

    Spamhurdle: type "flag"

    (Please note that you may be contacted upon receipt of your subscription request. Typically, this is simply to verify that you qualify, i.e. belong to the audience for who this list is offered [see above]. FLAG appreciates your understanding for this precaution intended to ensure that list membership will be a worthwhile experience.)

    Upon approval for membership you will receive an automatically generated message with further information. Read and keep this message. In particular, review your email address in the email header--this is the address used to register you with the list (see also above). You will receive list messages at this address.

  2. Using the List

    To post a message to ALL subscribers, send a message addressed to <flag-list@flageorgia.org> or <flag-list@lists.flageorgia.org>
    (Hint: Create a "FLAG List" entry in your email address book for this address.)

    • You can only post to the list by sending email from the address entered for subscription.
    • A REPLY to a message received from the list will be sent to the original sender only and not to the entire list (this helps to keep the volume of mail managable). Therefore, if you wish to send your reply to ALL you will have to adjust your "TO" line to the list address.
    • Consult this "netiquette" for further considerations concerning the use of the list.

  3. Leaving the List

    To sign off, go to the user options page or send a message to lists@flageorgia.org (not to the list itself!) with a brief request asking to be unsubscribed.

Questions? Contact the list administrator.

Please notify others who might want to participate in this list.

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