Mailing or Electronic Distribution Lists (sent via ListServ) are two-way. Every subscriber can send messages to the list, so this is useful for exchanges (which is why they are also called Discussion List). For example, you want to find out who goes to X conference and could give you a ride--you send to the list and recipients can reply to you.

List enrollment is not automatic, it needs to be approved and set-up by the list administrator. This is simply so that unauthorized and unwanted parties cannot subscribe and then post to the list; this is a security and spam avoidance precaution. However, list members decide which messages to read or delete, and they can un-subscribe themselves.

  1. Using the List

    To post a message to ALL subscribers, send a message addressed to <flag-list@flageorgia.org> or <flag-list@lists.flageorgia.org>
    (Hint: Create a "FLAG List" entry in your email address book for this address.)

  2. Leaving the List (Unsubscribing)

    To sign off, go to the user options page or send a message to lists@flageorgia.org with a brief request asking to be unsubscribed. Sending a note to the entire list itself requesting to be removed will not unsubscribe you. See also the email you received when you first signed on to the list.

Mailing List Guidelines ("Netiquette")

The FLAG Board offers the following guidelines for its mailing lists to help make and keep it a beneficial tool for users. The intent of this etiquette is to remind current and new subscribers about the purpose of the list and to give some advice. We ask that list members consider the hints, tips, and rules below to ensure that list participation will be a worthwhile experience for all.

  1. This mailing list is intended in the first place--but not necessarily exclusively--to serve as non-commercial communication tool. Its primary purpose is to facilitate information exchange. Please post only messages that pertain to the intent of the list and meet the common needs of subscribers.
  2. Inappropriate list use such as ignoring its guidelines, excessive off-topic postings, etc. *may* have the following consequences: warning, temporary suspension, permanent removal. Decisions concerning problem posters are at the sole discretion of list owner. Note that the goal is not to remove people from the list but to keep it useful. Anyone who is warned, suspended, and/or removed should feel free to discuss their situation with the list owner or appeal a decision to the FLAG Board.
  3. Messages from the list do not go outside unless they are forwarded somewhere else by a list member. Regular cross posting of messages from and to other lists or bulletin boards is not advised.
  4. Keep postings to the point. For long messages, a summary at the start allows readers to determine whether or not they want to read the whole posting. Insert a blank line between paragraphs.
  5. Postings in "plain text" (ASCII) are preferred. "Enriched text" (HTML etc.--enabling, for example, bold or italics, text colors) may not display as expected in others' email clients, making messages difficult or impossible to read. Check your mail-system's settings to be sure you are *not* sending mail in HTML only (or in a double posting including both ASCII and HTML.)
  6. Total message size is limited. Postings containing attachments (images, documents, etc.) may be distributed, however, it is highly likely that any attachments will automatically be stripped out. (This means, for example, that a message that consists of an attachment only would be posted as a blank). Besides, because attachments often carry viruses, many [institutional] mail servers do not accept incoming attachments anyway. Further, they may appear as pages of code and/or cause recipients' mailboxes to overflow and/or crash and thus reject further mail.
  7. As you type...
  8. When replying to a list message...
  9. Junk mail happens. Just delete it and move on; it is not worth it getting upset. Same goes for largely meaningless messages such as "Me, too", "Why am I getting these messages?" and the like.
  10. Be kind to your fellow subscribers. Due to inexperience or limited local software, users may inadvertently violate list etiquette. If you find a posting objectionable, express your suggestions in a private message to the offender rather than to the whole list.
  11. If you are not going to check your mailbox for an extended period of time and use an auto-responder to all your email that says you are gone, check with your email administrator as to how to modify this so that it does not go out to the rest of the list with every posting.

Questions? Contact the list administrator.

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